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Dexter Tech Solutions is a leader in information technology with the aim of providing complete IT Solutions.

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Mobile Application Development

The agile app development practices at Dexter helps us in planning, developing, testing, analysing and optimizing Mobile Applications that will help you in acquiring, engaging, converting and retaining customers.

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Website Designing and Development

We provide complete front-end and back-end web designing based on the latest technologies and industry trends. We produce visually attractive, innovative and professional designs, individually created to reflect the style, presence and corporate identity of your company through our website design and development experts.

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Enterprise Solution Development

We develop an optimal enterprise software solution with regard to your business needs and costs/productivity statement using our best practices in software development. Our technological expertise includes years of working with Microsoft.NET, PHP, C# and other technologies.

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Software Development

We provide you custom software solutions that will help you to remain in step with your competition by continuously improving your information technology based business solutions. For this, we use modern software development platforms, software development tools as well as employ latest project management techniques and software engineering practices.

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Software Testing and Support

We offers 2nd and 3rd level support services of proprietary and 3rd party applications. With a decade of experience we are able to deliver you the highest quality services, including upgrades and patches, necessary improvement, monitoring and changes management. our dedicated support teams are able to help you both on-and off-site.

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Ecommerce Development and CMS

Vast experience in ecommerce web site development and ecommerce website design and web application development projects; Dexter Tech Solutions is the ideal choice as your ecommerce outsourcing development partner. Our premium focused experience from past projects and ability to adopt new technologies with ease gives our customers the best of both the old and the new i.e. expertise in.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization Dexter Tech Solutions is popularly as a low cost and effective search engine optimization service provider. Our SEO services will guarantee higher search ranking results and thereby higher visibility of your website. This will open a floodgate of positive results like generating increased targeted traffic, increased number of customers and thereby more sales.

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Mail Server Solution

We can provide a custom-made solution for your email needs. Our email interfaces are very flexible and can accommodate all your email networking requirements.

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Hire Dedicated Team

Dedicated to your project: the control of in-house staff with the financial advantages of offshore web / software / application development. Over the past several years, companies and individuals felt that paying offshore contract it developers / programmers to execute there work was a great way to get the job done without committing to the salary, benefits, and tons of obligations that go along with hiring a full-time in house employee.